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Mission statements are everywhere you look.

You may see them on company websites or a sign while walking past a business. Mission statements are how organizations and businesses identify themselves and what they stand for. Some may include acts of their past or some with what they plan on doing in the future. Now what many people don’t know is that you can have a mission statement for yourself. A personal mission statement is created to help individuals identify who they are and their purpose. Here are some tips to guide anyone who is writing a personal mission statement.


Skills and Abilities

Take some time to list skills and abilities that have helped you in the past. Whether it was at school, work or in your community these attributes can help you get an idea of what your mission statement will be rooted in. Try to find a common theme within your experiences to give you a perfect start. Usually people are very hard on themselves and can’t think of their skills so don’t be afraid to ask your peers for help. The skills you might not be too confident about could be the ones you include in your mission statement to push yourself.


Values and Passion

Get a pen and paper and list your priorities and what you value in life. This will help you figure out more about yourself and what you want to see in the future. Many people are introduced to values in their home while growing up that stick with them for the rest of their life. Others create values along the way after they witness or experience something that may change their views. For example, individuals who are passionate about music might want to focus on creating music that helps not only them, but others through the good and bad times. 


Goals Setting

Whether they are short-term or long-term, setting goals is very important to think about. Think of goals that you want to achieve personally that can lead you while helping others after. Not having a goal is like driving with no destination in mind. When you are clear about what you want to accomplish you’ll have an easier way navigating there. 


Remember that your mission statement isn’t there to scare you while making decisions, but it can be used as a guide throughout your days. Nothing is ever set into stone, meaning that you can go back and alter your mission statement after you have made some adjustments and learned more about yourself.